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5 Dating Tips for Dating Abroad

Dating while on a trip or extended stay? Yes, you can have your main character moment! But before you dive into the international dating scene, let’s chat about some dating tips for dating abroad that we’ve picked up along the way.

Tip 1: Safety Comes First

Let’s kick things off with safety. Whether you’re at home or abroad, certain rules always apply. Vet your potential date, share your whereabouts with friends, opt for public places, and trust your gut if something feels off. Safety is paramount, no matter where you are.

tip 2.1: Different cultural understanding of Race

If race is a factor that you consider when dating, you should understand that different cultures may have vastly different interpretations of race. Just because you identify as a Black American, that doesn’t mean that darker-skinned people of other countries have the same sense of race as you do.

tip 2.2: Dating Norms Across Cultures

Now, onto cultural dating norms. Get ready to explore the different rhythms of affection, from who pays the bill to how soon and intense emotions are expressed. It’s important to understand these cultural norms so you can identify who is an outlier and if this is a red flag.

tip 2.3: Embracing Communication Challenges

Language barriers happen (even if you both speak English fluently)! Be patient if conversations stumble over unfamiliar words. But here’s a nugget of truth—sometimes words are crystal clear. If something doesn’t sit right, trust your instincts and proceed with caution. Sometimes, people mean exactly what they say, even if it’s not in their native language.

Tip 3: Dating Apps Abroad May be Different

Hold onto your swipes! Your go-to dating apps might not hold the same popularity in every corner of the world. Different countries, different preferences. Don’t worry —you can tap into local wisdom from bartenders and friends to find the best apps for your location. Pro dating tip: when using Hinge while living in France, you may get a lot of well-traveled French people and temporary visitors. However, when using Badoo, you may find it is much popular for French locals and contains a larger demographic of French people.

tip 4: Navigating Sexual Intimacy and Health

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Before you get into the sheets (or really anything physical), you should really research the local STI culture. Understand the cultural norms around how often people get tested and if they talk about it openly to stay protected. If you’re in a country that doesn’t acknowledge STIs as much, you may want to practice additional caution. In our experience, usually, if someone says they’re “clean” without providing any evidence or mention of testing, that’s a huge red flag. Pro dating tip: some STIs are NOT routinely checked during the normal STI tests and may only be checked during a pap smear (we’re looking at you, HPV). Do yourself a favor and check with your doctor to see if any vaccines may be right for you.

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tip 5: Beyond First Impressions

Let’s get real for a second. Whether at home or away, attraction often has patterns. Don’t let accents, wealth, or the thrill of new environments cloud your judgment. Stay ready and remember that appearances can be deceiving. You can still get played in a new country… just with a different accent.

Be the main character

So, should you explore dating abroad? Yes! Secure the romantic dream of a lifetime with these dating tips! Whether it’s a chance encounter in a cozy café or a heart-fluttering moment in a new city, remember—traveling is also about discovering yourself and the connections you make along the way. Just learn from the dating tips above; your abroad fling could be everything you want and more! Happy dating!


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