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6 Practical Ways How to Move Abroad

You don’t have to wait until you’re retired to start living abroad! And no… we’re not going to suggest that you become a digital nomad or travel blogger because that is much easier said than done.

From being an au pair, an English teacher, or a property manager, here are some ways to make the world your home.

Become an Au Pair

Becoming an au pair is a fantastic opportunity for those with childcare experience. You live with a host family, help care for their children, and immerse yourself in their culture. This arrangement often includes room and board, allowing you to focus on language learning and exploration. We’ve even heard of unique situations where the au pair vacations with the family. You can apply to become an au pair through websites like Au Pair World.

Start English Teaching

Teaching English abroad is a popular choice for those looking to live overseas. Many countries, especially in Asia and Latin America, have a high demand for English teachers. It’s a fulfilling way to experience daily life elsewhere while helping others learn a valuable skill. Use your time as an English teacher to make connections and transition into a full-time role abroad. Check if the country’s government hosts an English teaching program like TAPIF in France, or you can use a private vendor like TEFL.

Try Cultural Exchange Programs

Cultural exchange programs, such as the Fulbright Program or Boren Award, offer opportunities to live in another country while conducting research or engaging in professional development. These programs foster mutual understanding and enrich your life with cross-cultural experiences.

Become a Property Manager

Managing vacation rentals or properties for absentee homeowners can be a unique and profitable way to live abroad. You’ll have responsibilities like making sure the property is well-maintained and welcoming for guests, making it an engaging and hands-on experience.

Discover Workaway and Volunteer opportunities

Platforms like Workaway, WWoofing, and Go Abroad connect travelers with hosts worldwide who need assistance in various projects. This can include farm work, community development, or environmental conservation. In exchange for your help, you often receive accommodation and meals.

Apply to Undergraduate and Graduate School

Going to graduate school is a great way to establish your community abroad in a structured environment and lay the foundation for getting a full-time job in the country upon graduation. While at school, you can expand your professional network and enhance your language skills, cultural knowledge, and independence. Furthermore, some countries have an easier path to citizenship offered to those who complete school in the country.


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