Calm thoughtful young African American lad in casual clothing sitting at table while surfing modern smartphone and eating yummy pasta against white brick wall and window
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Non Pathetic Ways to to Eat Alone

Calm thoughtful young African American lad in casual clothing sitting at table while surfing modern smartphone and eating yummy pasta against white brick wall and window
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Let’s be honest; thinking about having dinner alone sounds… uncomfortable? Pathetic? But why? We’re taught to feel that eating alone is a failure of successful social relationships. This idea is as old-fashioned as women needing to be accompanied to run errands. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, annoyed that your friends keep flaking on plans, or don’t have friends who like the food you do, building the confidence for eating alone can be transformative.

Break Out the Journal

Bring a small journal when you eat alone rather than aimlessly gazing around and making uncomfortable eye contact with other tables. Set a goal for your journaling session, whether jotting down your thoughts and observations, doodling, or even indulging in a people-watching game. This purposeful activity ensures you remain engaged and connected with the moment (and not scrolling on your phone). You may have limited table space, so bring a journal that would fit in a tight space. Check out our Journal prompts for eating alone for inspiration.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Elevate your dining experience by putting in one earbud and immersing yourself in a captivating podcast. Whether it’s a gripping true crime story, an inspiring TED Talk, or a lively conversation on your favorite topic, podcasts provide the perfect entertainment when solo dining. With one earbud, you still get the ambiance of listening to other diners. Usually, we don’t particularly appreciate bringing physical books because reading and eating can be difficult.

Embrace Connection Through Technology

Feeling a bit too alone? There’s no harm in bringing a piece of your support network with you. Set up a video call with a friend, allowing you to share your dining experience virtually. Each time you have a solo dinner, work to lessen the amount of time you spend

a 5-step plan to eating Alone with confidence

STEP 1. Start Small and at Home

Begin your solo dining adventure by taking baby steps. Head to a fast-casual place you’re familiar with to enjoy a quick bite or a drink. This comfortable environment will serve as your training ground, helping you overcome any initial hesitation.

STEP 2. Gradually Move to Sit-Down Restaurants

Once you’ve mastered dining alone at fast-casual joints, it’s time to elevate the experience. Choose a familiar sit-down restaurant in your local area. Starting with a place you already know will provide a sense of ease.

STEP 3. Expand Your Horizons

As you grow more comfortable dining solo at known restaurants, it’s time to challenge yourself with places you’ve never been before. Experiment with unfamiliar places in your local area, pushing your boundaries and stepping outside your comfort zone.

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STEP 4. The Ultimate Test

After conquering the solo dining scene at home, you’ll feel much better taking your newfound confidence on a global adventure. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in solo dining on your solo vacation, fostering self-reliance and broadening your horizons. If you feel intimidated in a new area, refer to earlier tips about video chatting with a friend or eating at fast-casual places.

STEP 5. Growth Through Repetition

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. The more solo dining experiences you accumulate, the more your confidence will soar. Over time, you’ll find that the initial discomfort transforms into a source of empowerment.

Embracing the joy of solo dining isn’t just about satisfying your appetite—it’s about nourishing your independence and self-assurance. Remember, no one is looking at you. If they do have a glance… so what? With each solo dinner, you’ll savor delectable dishes and relish in the beauty of your own company. So, step into the world of eating alone, and let your journey be a testament to your unwavering strength and newfound freedom.


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