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Finding the Best Apps for Travel: Your Guide to Local Apps Abroad

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So, not everyone across the world is Ubering everywhere or selling their items on eBay – shocker. Each region and country has a unique set of apps, from transportation to dating. Let’s dig into why checking out country-specific apps is like having a secret weapon for breezing through international travel.

Helpful Categories of Apps to Help You Find Find Local Alternatives

Mapping and Direction Apps

While Google Maps may be your go-to in many parts of the world, consider alternatives. In some regions, apps like CityMapper help you navigate intricate streets and complex traffic. Pro tip: Be conscious of that blue dot, which signifies your location! The accuracy of that location may vary by location. Sometimes, taller buildings or more remote areas prevent the dot from being as accurate as you may like.

Rideshare Apps May be Different Abroad

Uber and Lyft might be your go-to ride-hailing apps back home, but don’t expect the same everywhere. Local apps like Grab in Southeast Asia or Bolt in France often dominate the scene with better prices, enhanced location features, and a stronger supply of drivers.

Romance and Networking Apps

While Tinder and Bumble have the stronghold of many places, countries like France have their own stars like Badoo. These platforms cater to the local population, opening a range of new players to your field. Don’t get this confused with the availability of popular apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. While Hinge is available in many countries, locals may not know about them. Using apps where you’re from may result in a limited pool of options of people with your background versus getting a wider pool with a more local audience. Psst, if you are dating abroad, make sure to check out our article on dating tips abroad.

Beyond the E-Commerce Giants

In certain countries, e-commerce monsters like Amazon and eBay might not be the best. Instead, local champions like LeBonCoin in France may step up with tailored offerings, faster service, and a deeper understanding of local demands.

Follow These 6 Tips for Finding The Best Local Apps

TIP 1: What you see on the app store depends on where your phone “thinks” you are

Remember that the apps available in your app store can vary based on your current location. If you plan to download regional-specific apps for your upcoming trip, consider manually changing your app store region to access the full range of options tailored to your destination.

Tip 2: Your phone may not automatically update your country location…

…which can cause a hiccup when downloading apps specific to your travel location. To avoid complications, double-check your device’s settings and confirm that your country location is what you would like it to be. This small step can save you the frustration of not being able to download an app you need while exploring a new country.

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Tip 3: Download and Troubleshoot in Advance

If the app isn’t dependent on your country location, download apps in advance because it may be easier to set up accounts and payment information before you’re in a time-sensitive situation. This also helps you troubleshoot any kinks if needed. Some people have struggled to download the Orange app in France for a while because their phones had an issue with the location settings. In this case, they got an error message that said it was “available in my country” even though they were in France. If they had downloaded the app beforehand, they could’ve easily contacted my cell provider in English to figure out how to change the region instead of doing the entire thing in French. Get ahead of any hurdles by having your apps ready to roll.

Tip 4: Investigate Beforehand

Dig into online forums and local websites before you can understand the most popular apps in your destination. You can research the different resources by Googling “[insert company] equivalent in [insert country].

Tip 5: Tap into Local Knowledge

While research beforehand is excellent, you’ll never beat the knowledge from locals, as they are your best resource. Start conversations with our favorite resource, bartenders, and ask for recommendations. They’ll be sure to help you discover the apps essential to their everyday lives.

Tip 6: Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Even if a country has an app familiar to you, we recommend using the local one. The local apps often offer better services, cater to local preferences, and open doors to unique experiences.

Just as you would embrace local culture and cuisine, try each country’s apps. Research, engage with locals, adapt, and let these tools enhance your travel experience. Happy apps-loring! Haha.. ahhh..


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