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Put Away Your Taxi Fare Calculator: Local Alternatives to Taxis and Uber

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Let’s be real, sometimes we find ourselves going in circles with the ride share versus taxi dilemma when we travel. While it’s wise to research the average price of a taxi ahead of time with a taxi fare calculator, many of us opt for ride share giants like Uber. Why wouldn’t we? Many times Uber is cheaper than a taxi… but what if there was an even cheaper option? There is.

Sometimes it may be cheaper to go with a ride share app local to the country! As always, its best practice to research the local app options ahead of time for safety, but you can close that taxi fare calculator tab for now!

We asked you on @TravelingDia which local ride share apps you prefer to use around the world and here’s what you said!

Argentina, EasyTaxi
Australia, Ola Cabs
Bolivia, EasyTaxi
Brazil, EasyTaxi
Canda, Lyft, Poparide
Chile, EasyTaxi
Colombia, InDriver, EasyTaxi
Denmark, Bolt
Ecuador, EasyTaxi
Egypt, Careem
France, Bolt, FreeNow, BlaBlaCar, Heetch
India, Ola cabs, Meru cabs, FreeNow, Cabookie, Scoop
Indonesia, Grab, Gojek
Italy, FreeNow
Japan, Didi, JapanTaxi
Malaysia, Grab
Mexico, InDriver, Rappi, Didi, EasyTaxi
Panama, Indrive
Portugal, Bolt
Shanghai, Didi
Singapore, Grab
South Korea, Kakao Taxi
Spain, Cabify, Pidetaxi
Thailand, Grab
Trinidad, TTRideShare
Turkey, BiTaksi
United Kingdom, Bolt, Black Cabs
Uruguay, EasyTaxi

When it comes to getting around in a new city, the age-old question of ride share versus taxi can sometimes leave us feeling like we’re going in circles. We’ve relied on Uber for their affordability compared to traditional cabs, but local ride share apps could save you even more.

By taking a moment to explore these lesser-known options, you could be saving without sacrificing convenience. So, the next time you’re about to pull up the taxi fare calculator, consider giving local ride shares a shot.

And hey, if you’re curious about which local ride share apps fellow travelers swear by, follow @TravelingDia for an update on the series.

*As always, please make your safety a priority while using rides share apps. Do your research into the accountability mechanisms and safety of each app.


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