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The 10 Best Travel Souvenir Ideas

Assorted Cards on a Rack
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Your travel adventures are a treasure trove of memories waiting to be preserved. How do you capture your journey’s vibe in a digital world? Also, aren’t the regular travel souvenirs a bit… errmm.. kitschy? From postcards that give a The Notebook vibe to old-school plane tickets, your travel souvenirs could be as unique as the destinations. This collection of creative travel souvenirs goes beyond the cheugy to help your memories stay sharp long after your jet lag subsides.

Audio Diaries

If you’ve ever looked outside your window and pretended you were in a music video… this is probably for you. Capture the ambient sounds of your destination with audio diaries. The chirping birds, bustling markets, and ocean waves create a vivid auditory tapestry that complements your visual memories.

Plane Ticket Printouts

Requesting the old-school printed version of your plane tickets from the front desk is very ~ romantic ~ you know? The tickets carry a touch of nostalgia from the dawn of airplane travel. It feels very ‘60s and like you should be watching an organized flock of airline attendants walking in rhythm, carrying those old-school briefcases, right? Pro tip: bring a folder and lay it in a flat place in your luggage so they don’t get bent.

Postcards (But Not the Basic Way)

Postcards aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re whispers of your wanderlust sent across miles. Yes, it’s a bit dramatic… but very sentimental! Scribble your thoughts, doodles, or even a heartfelt message on these art pieces, and send them back home to yourself with the country’s stamp. Opening your mailbox to find your own words from a different corner of the world is a charming travel souvenir for a journey. Pro tip: create a time capsule and set a date in the future to open them.

A Linguistic Scrapbook

Calling the language buffs out there! Compile a list of native words and phrases you picked up during your travels. Jot down how you learned them, too. This is a great way to log everything you’ve learned throughout your journeys. You can also impress your friends with all the ways you know how to say, “Where is the bathroom?”

Journal Entries

Pen and paper can eternalize your thoughts, emotions, and memorable moments. Journal entries are like little time capsules that capture the moments and soul of your journey. Plus, they’re a great way to feel like you’re in a movie, flipping through memories on your page as they come to life in your head. Very poetic, right? So, don’t forget to jot down your thoughts and feelings in your journal!

Ticket Stubs

Stash those ticket stubs! When you go to a show or visit a museum, collecting physical tickets and maps can be a fun way to hold onto memories of your experiences.

Travel-themed Jewelry

Choose jewelry that symbolizes your travels—a necklace with a pendant shaped like a landmark, a bracelet of beads from different places, or a ring with a gemstone native to the region. You could do this on any budget, too. And, of course, try to buy jewelry from local artisans or even antique shops if possible (secondhand sustainability wins!)

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Sketches and Artwork

If you’re artistically inclined, consider sketching scenes from your travels. Let your creativity flow onto paper, creating a canvas that captures your journey’s colors, shapes, and emotions.

Textiles and Fabrics

Collect textiles, fabrics, or clothing items that hold cultural significance from the destination. This is a great way to incorporate your souvenirs into your everyday wardrobe. Plus, it’s a great story when someone compliments it. Once again, try to buy from local artisans and antique shops when possible. Very bougie to say, “Oh, this? I got this in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco from a small business,” or “This is vintage from Spain!” Just make sure you’re not appropriating any cultures or customs when selecting your garb.

Recreate Recipes

Collect local ingredients or recipes during your travels and create a culinary journal of the dishes you\’ve savored globally. Use the local ingredients to recreate dishes from different parts of the world. Each bite will transport you back to the flavors and memories of your journey.

Preserving your memories

Traveling is a beautiful experience that deserves to be cherished and remembered. Every moment of your journey is like a note in a symphony, creating a beautiful melody you can always look back on (sheds a single tear). Try to be creative and document your experiences to make the most of your travels. These travel souvenir ideas should help you preserve your memories and make them last a lifetime.


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