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The Expat Survival Secret: Expat Facebook Groups

But… Isn’t Facebook Dead? The writing on the wall is clear – Facebook‘s heyday as the hip social media platform for the younger crowd is pretty much dead. In an odd twist of fate, however, Facebook Groups are stepping into the limelight and becoming the go-to sanctuary for expats.

Why Facebook Groups?

At this point, Facebook groups contain more than a decade of valuable, searchable information from expats who have come before. In these groups, members exchange priceless tips and tricks beyond buying and selling furniture. From figuring out the craziness of local laws and taxes to navigating visa requirements, these groups run the gambit in their use. Are you seeking a reliable dog sitter? Desperate for a trustworthy babysitter? Are you looking for side gigs or hunting for a job abroad? These groups have everything you need to get adjusted to your new country.

Tip: Try searching “Expats in [insert country/town]” or “Expats of [insert country/town]” to find an active Facebook group.

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Perfect for Insider Knowledge

Sure, you can Google “fun events near me,” but nothing beats real-time insider knowledge. Facebook Groups are a hotspot for discovering hidden gems, local festivities, and offbeat happenings you won’t find on platforms like Eventbrite, especially if the culture you have moved to is by word of mouth.

Facebook might not be the flashy new toy on the block, but its groups hold the keys to a thriving expat experience.


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