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This is Cooler Than the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal

the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal
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Seeing the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal, is in the top 10 on my list of favorite vacations. But I’ll keep it short and sweet – While the caves were breathtaking, It’s not the only thing that’s gorgeous about the region. I’m genuinely confused as to why it’s not on more vacation lists. While seeing the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal, was a dream come true, another activity was perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever done. In this article, I’ll talk about my experience when I visited in November 2022, covering everything from transit to accommodations and activities so you can see the Benagil Caves.

Transit: The Scoop on Getting Around

Do Fly into Faro Airport: If you’re all about convenience, Faro Airport is your spot for saving money. It’s super close to the action, making it a breeze to save money on Ubers (they also use Bolt and Free-Now). Remember, a general tip for traveling is to make sure you look up the common rideshare apps in the country you’re visiting.

Do Rent a Car or Find a Ride: Uber worked well for me, but for those remote beach adventures, renting a car is the way to go. The freedom to go wherever would’ve been very helpful.

Don’t Trust the Train: While public transportation is usually more sustainable, the train schedules can be a bit wonky, especially when you’re trying to get back to Faro late at night.

Accommodations: Where to Rest Your Head in Algarve, Portugal

Do Check Sustainability: I stayed at the Santa Eulia Hotel, and it ticked all the boxes. It’s sustainable, comfy, and in a great location – what more could you ask for?

Don’t Hang in Faro’s City Center: Faro is cool, but if you’re after the main attractions (beaches and nature), head deeper into Albufeira. Staying in the city might mean more travel time.

Activities: What You’ve Been Waiting For… What’s Cooler Than Seeing the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal? Visiting the Salt Mine in Loulé

Do Beach Days: Algarve’s beaches are a dream come true! You really do feel like you’re in a movie, and every view was breathtaking. Spend your days soaking up the sun and splashing in the sea (it’s also free). Remember, a lot of the beaches are difficult to get to. Here’s a list of the beaches that were ABSOLUTELY STUNNING:

  • Praia de Coelha
  • Belvedere Arcos Natuais de Benagil (the Benagil Cave)
  • Praia de Marinha
  • Praia da Ouar Leste
  • Praia de Oura
  • Praia Da Ponta Grande
  • Praia da Cala

Do Kayak Cave Tours to see the Benagil Caves: Secret Algarve offers amazing kayak cave tours with friendly guides. The caves were absolutely breathtaking, a moment where you have to pinch yourself. Just a heads up, watch out for motion sickness and claustrophobia. Pop some Dramamine or try a Relief Band before if needed.

Skip the Catamaran: Catamaran tours can be fun, but they might limit your beach access. Opt for activities that let you explore the coastline.

Do see the Salt Mine in Loulé: This was the coolest activity I’ve ever done on vacation. I’ve never seen anything so unique. Despite being a salt mine that doesn’t exactly fit with the theme of sustainability, it was such a unique experience. They also use the mine as a hub for art and culture since they hold concerts for the local community there. They also had an art gallery on exhibit as well. The guide was extremely knowledgeable and shared many facts about the history of the mine and salt mining in general. If you’re into this type of experience, keep Warsaw Salt Mines on your radar. They’re not actively mining anymore, but they’re still fascinating.

Salt Mines Cooler than the Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal
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Bonus Food Stop: Restaurante O Marinheiro

Before you leave Algarve, definitely stop by the Michelin guide Restaurante O Marinheiro. It’s a delicious way to wrap up your trip.

Algarve, Portugal, during off-peak season, is an absolute treasure waiting to be discovered! Remember that the weather can get a little chilly during the off-season, so make sure you pack appropriately for the weather!


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