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Navigators thrive on action-packed cultural adventures, meticulously planned to the last detail. Navigators love exploring museums and historical sites while maintaining a strict itinerary. Socializing with locals and other travelers energizes Navigators, making their trips both educational and socially fulfilling.

About Your Culture Type – Learning

Your insatiable curiosity and appreciation for diverse cultures set you apart as someone who seeks more from a vacation than just relaxing. You’re the kind of traveler who prefers to dive into the soul of a destination, eager to learn about its history, traditions, and way of life. You’ll often prioritize learning and experiencing more about the culture.

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About Your Activity Type – Energetic

With boundless energy, you like action-packed vacations that keep you on your toes. Your love for variety and excitement may drive you to visit multiple destinations in a single trip, making sure every moment is filled with new experiences and discoveries. Why wouldn’t you maximize your time in such a beautiful destination! Sleep is for your bed at home, right?

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About Your Social Type – Communal

With a magnetic personality and a strong desire for connection, you thrive in the company of others! You often seek out opportunities to engage with new people wherever you go. Your outgoing nature and sociable demeanor make you the life of the party. It’s not your fault you’re all that and a bag of chips and everyone likes you – duh!

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About Your Planning Type – Structured

With a structured and organized approach to travel, you find comfort in predictability and look for in environments where everything is carefully planned and executed. Your meticulous attention to detail and preference for orderliness make you a master of preparation and foresight.

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How You Can Travel Better

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Knowing more about yourself and how you can interact with others on a trip can go a long way. Read about how you thrive, your ideal trip, who you may not get along with, and how others can travel better with you for each of your types to balance your next trip.

What You Thrive on
  • Authentic experiences that broaden your perspective and deepen your understanding of the world.
  • The adrenaline rush of constant motion and discovery, making every moment of your vacation an unforgettable experience. You thrive in booking an awesome agenda filled with activities that excite you. 
  • Immersing yourself in vibrant social scenes! You gravitate towards destinations known for their energetic atmosphere and opportunities for socializing, where you can meet people from all walks of life. 
  • Relying on a meticulously planned itinerary that sticks to strict timelines. This helps you find comfort in the predictability of structured environments.
Your Ideal Trip
  • May involve wandering through ancient alleyways, sampling yummy street food, and engaging with locals.
  • Efficient and packed with great experiences. You don’t like for your time to be wasted on your vacation! That’s what being at home is for!
  • Allows you to strike up conversations with fellow travelers and locals! For you, travel is not just about seeing new places, but also about creating new connections.
  • Comes with a well-researched itinerary and booking accommodations in advance. 
You May Not Get Along With Travelers Who
  • Scored high on the Indifferent Culture Type. You may hear these travelers say to you, “Not another museum?!”
  • Scored high on the Restful Activity Type. You may hear these travelers say to you, “Isn’t this supposed to be a vacation and not a bootcamp?”
  • Scored high on the Private Social Type. You may hear these travelers say to you, “Why do you need to talk to everyone?!”
  • Scored high on the Fluid Planning Type. You may hear these travelers say to you, “Ugh, why can’t you just go with the flow!”
People May Be Upset at You For
  • Choosing exploration over relaxation, focusing too much on learning, engaging locals in long conversations, or avoiding destinations that seem too “touristy” or unreal.
  • Creating overly ambitious itineraries, early morning starts, late night activities, skipping leisure activities, activities with intense energy levels, pushing physical limits, avoiding beach days or opportunities to “do nothing.”
  • Always seeking social interaction, prioritizing nightlife too much, engaging in too many spontaneous social activities, initiating conversations with strangers, staying out too late, preferring group activities, avoiding quiet or secluded spots, focusing on socializing over sightseeing, disregarding personal space, involving other strangers in your plans, or constantly seeking entertainment.
  • Adhering to schedules too strictly, choosing personal preferences over what’s best for the group, getting anxious in new environments, needing very detailed plans, being reluctant to deviate from plans, not being able to make last-minute changes or be flexible, or avoiding uncertainty. 

How People Can Travel Better With You

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Balancing a trip isn’t a one way street! Learn about how others can help you balance your trip by selecting a destination, accommodations, creating an itinerary, and offering planning support before and during your trip .

Selecting a Destination
  • Choose destinations that are…
    • Rich in history, culture, and authentic experiences
    • Have a large variety of high-energy activities and attractions
    • Known for vibrant nightlife
Where to Stay
  • Book accommodations that…
    • Reflect the local culture, such as boutique hotels or homestays
    • Are close to major attractions to minimize travel time
    • Stay in hostels or social accommodations with common areas and group activities
Creating an Itinerary
  • Create an itinerary that…
    • Includes visits to museums, historical sites, and cultural landmarks, spend time exploring local markets and sampling street food, engage with locals through language exchanges, cooking classes, or community events
    • Participates in guided cultural tours that offer in-depth knowledge about the destination, wander through neighborhoods off the beaten path, and take public transportation to experience daily life like a local
    • Includes group activities
    • Uses guided tours that cover multiple sites in one day
    • Schedule early morning starts and late-night activities to maximize your days
Planning Support
  • Help with the planning process to…
    • Work together to create a detailed planned itinerary that addresses their need for orderliness and detail
    • Effectively communicate any changes or adjustments to the itinerary ahead of time
    • Help you identify potential sources of uncertainty and creating contingency plans for unexpected events
During the Trip
  • People can travel better with you if they…
    • Offer reassurance and support to help alleviate your anxiety in new environments and situations
    • Remind you that adjustments may need to be made due to unforeseen circumstances or group preferences
    • Be open to spontaneous social activities and opportunities for connection

Your Perfect Itinerary is Waiting.

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Whew! That was a lot! Luckily we can make this easy for you by generating an itinerary customized to your TripBalancer personality type.