What they don't tell you about travel.

to prepare Americans for the challenges they may face abroad.

Because no one talks about the hard stuff.

We provide readers with the tools and knowledge to engage in meaningful experiences abroad — intentionally and sustainably.

Black Americans are less likely to have traveled abroad than White Americans. We know that sharing our stories and reviews has an immense impact on travelers and businesses. By sharing our experiences, we hope to inspire more diversity in travel.

I'm a culture-craving travel enthusiast who has explored over 20 countries, studied abroad in Switzerland and Belgium, and taught English in France. 

I've stayed in accommodations outside of traditional Western hotel chains, including short and long-term homestays, rentals, and boutique hotels. My passion for immersive travel has led me to value a country's unique culture over "country collecting."

As a Black American traveler who started in a predominantly white traveler community, no one trained me for the unique challenges I would face and how to navigate the complexities of being a Black American abroad. I felt envious as I watched my peers lean on their familial networks for travel advice.

While the internet has expansive travel resources, I struggled to connect with the travel bloggers I saw. I felt that they only discussed superficial parts of their experiences and didn’t apply a racial lens. I also became frustrated with the "look at me" aspect and long narratives. Get to the point, people! 

So, Travel Nitty Gritty provides insights into travel aspects that often go unspoken through the lens of a Black American traveler. We highlight the less glamorous but equally essential parts of travel. The blog focuses less on a single narrative and more on practical steps, road maps, and straightforward lessons. 

Ultimately, Travel Nitty Gritty is a bridge to authentic, unfiltered experiences. The blog is committed to shedding light on unspoken challenges so that fellow travelers, especially those who feel unrepresented in the travel community, can feel more supported during their travels.

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Put Away Your Taxi Fare Calculator: Local Alternatives to Taxis and Uber

Let's be real, sometimes we find ourselves going in circles with the ride share versus taxi dilemma when we travel. While it's wise to research the average price of a taxi ahead of time with a taxi fare calculator, many of us opt for ride share giants like Uber. Why wouldn't we? Many times Uber...

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5 Essential Questions for Planning a Group Trip to Set Expectations

Planning a group trip can be super fun, but it's important to set some ground rules to make sure everyone has a great time. People have different travel styles, interests, and budgets, so asking the right questions before you plan your group trip is crucial. These five important questions help set the tone for a successful group trip.

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What’s Missing From Your Packing List for Europe

Europe is a vibe, right? The winding streets, charming cafes, and centuries-old architecture. You may think you’re prepared for every adventure that lies ahead. But there is one thing you may be forgetting about the cute streets: those F****** cobblestones that win every time. So, here\'s the lowdown on cobblestones and what you should add to your packing list for Europe.

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Am I Depressed? How to Cope with Seasonal Depression in Europe

Europe’s allure is undeniable – charming streets, historic architecture, and a cultural tapestry that's both rich and enchanting. But here's the twist: beneath those iconic landscapes lies a challenge many overlook – the gloomy, overcast winters that can trigger the dreaded seasonal depression. You may be unprepared for the effect the gray overcast can have on you if you're coming from a sunny place.

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Cash or Credit? 3 Tips to Know Before You Use a Credit Card Abroad

Don’t assume you can use a credit card abroad. Many establishments you visit may prefer cash or may not take your bank card. While this happens in more local experiences — you should still investigate the local financial landscape before you’re caught in a bind. Follow these 3 tips before you use a credit card abroad for a seamless journey.